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CSIE có sứ mệnh hướng dẫn nghiên cứu, xây dựng đội ngũ nghiên cứu toàn cầu gắn kết, mạng lưới Học giả Việt Nam về đổi mới xã hội và khởi nghiệp xã hội, ủng hộ chính sách hỗ trợ và nâng cao nhận thức cho cộng đồng về khu vực doanh nghiệp tạo xã hội

Giáo dục

CSIE có vai trò đi đầu trong việc xây dựng mạng lưới toàn quốc người đào tạo tiêu chuẩn, giảng viên, cố vấn

Ươm tạo

CSIE hoạt động như một trung tâm ươm tạo cho sáng tạo xã hội và doanh nghiệp tác động xã hội, bằng cách cung cấp Không gian tạo tác động – không gian đồng làm việc cho hệ sinh thái doanh nghiệp tác động xã hội, cung cấp dịch vụ hỗ trợ và ươm tạo cho lĩnh vực SIB

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Danh mục đầu tư CSIE

Các khởi nghiệp tác động được ươm mầm hoặc hỗ trợ bởi CSIE

“Making use of fabric scraps from textile factories, our workers from the disabled community create artistic paintings inspired by our native traditions and culture. Furthermore, we organize workshops and train disabled workers with Vietnam’s top painters.


KYM VIET JSC is a production and retail company founded by the disabled to create more employment opportunities for the disabled. There are three main products: stuffed teddy bears, neck pillows; calendar, notebooks in fabric case, fabric books and various other high quality products made with fabric.

“Green Lady Vietnam was founded to introduce fabric sanitary pads to women for better self-care and less waste for a harmonious future with the environment. Our products are held to standards and created to deliver the best experience for the costumers.”


“We are proud to be the bridge between the deaf community and the listeners, to open up the opportunity for connection and love that was previously burdened by a language barrier. We bring you the first and only sign language interpretation service via telecommunications in Vietnam.

To build a small class of maximum 15 students with similar learning capabilities and suitable teaching method that ensures the most effective learning environment for learners.

Bot Ban Hang provides consumers with an excellent shopping experience with all features for buying, placing an order, or request for information is on Facebook Messenger.

Thien Tam applies therapeutic healing scent methods to create organic health enhancement products. The production process is suitable for employment of the disabled.

Mgreen is a social nonprofit project that aims at building a habit of sorting trash at home to protect the environment, using an mobile app to help collecting and sorting scraps for the collectors.

Recreational & Hybrid Sports (Recsports) introduces new sports in the world to our communities to cater to everyone’s need for entertainment and health enhancement.


The Arts & Craft Cooperative An Duong uses traditional crochet techniques to create decor products. The cause aims at preserving the traditional craft and providing more income for low-income women and the disabled.

Dao’s Care is a social enterprise which provides herbal baths and healing massages done by professionally trained workers from the blind community, creating employment for the disabled.

Provide skill training from the catering industry to at-risk youth. KOTO now owns a series of restaurants that trains and employ their students in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.


Sapa O’Chau provides classes for youth from ethic minorities in the highlands, as well as tourism training and foreign language courses.
The company also has tour packages to expose Sapa’s culture and create jobs for ethnic minorities.


MultiGlass helps the disabled use the computer via movements of the head and the eyes, which can hopefully enhance their digital experience and increase their chance for employment. Another bigger market for MultiGlass is Vietnamese drivers as it will prevent them from falling asleep while driving.

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