The week of connecting global start-up investments in the Start-up Nation

By 28 Tháng Hai, 2020 News

The week of connecting global start-up investments in the Start-up Nation (February 10-15-2020) has left an unforgettable impression on those attending.
Receiving the invitation of the Organizing Committee, Assoc. Dr. Do Huong Lan – Vice Director of Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation, NEU has set out to attend the largest annual global investment connection conference for startups in the Start-up Nation called ‘OurCrowd Global Investor Summit 2020 “.

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Summit theme 2020 is “Startups: going beyond!” emphasizing the importance of breaking the inherent limits to generate impetus for creative startups to create a better future.
The presence of 7,000 people at the event and 23 000 online worldwide attendees represented the appeal of startup activity in Israel to the global creative startups ecosystem.
Until 2019, through OurCrowd’ s investment-connected activities, USD 1.4 billion has been committed to invest with more than 42,000 investors from over 150 countries. It can be said that OurCrowd has become the largest investment connection platform in the world and the annual OurCrowd Summit is the most expected event of the Israeli startup community in particular and the world in general with only 7 years of operation.

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An international event is organized professionally and effectively, without polishing, superficially, absolutely without political factors and the presence of politicians with eloquent speeches. Only real people, real jobs – real-life activists are passionate for presenting ideas, innovative start-up solutions based on technology in front of partners, specific investors … Here innovation is present in every action and by action.

Agreeing with Microsoft’s words “We came to the Summit to see innovation in action”,
Vietnam is also raising the banner of learning to the Nation of Start-up but the learning do not capture essence of startup spirit which would lead to the inexperienced start-ups entrepreneurs will be unsuccessful.

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It would be greater if not only representatives of CSIE and NEU but also more representatives of Vietnam’s creative startup ecosystem attend the important event in this startup village of Israel and the world.

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