CSIE takes to itself the mission to develop a strong team of scholars in social innovation and entrepreneurship for NEU and Vietnam. We organise annual international conferences, policy advocacy workshops, conduct country reports and own the digital map of social impact business sector imapvietnam.org

Conference and workshop

Workshops on topics surrounding Social Enterprises as well as Social Impact Businesses organized and co-organized by CSIE with other partners. Some seminars, conferences and workshops organized by CSIE are “ICSE Hanoi: Fostering and Scaling Social Innovation in Asia”, “Research on Social Innovation”, “Workshops about Social Innovation & Social Enterprise in Vietnam & Ireland”, .. These conferences and workshops are aimed at exchanging and raising awareness of the community, especially researchers in the field of Social Enterprises and Social Impact Business Sector.

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Country Report

Some outstanding researches of CSIE can be mentioned as the “Case Studies of Social Enterprise in Vietnam” and most recently, the research “Fostering the Development of Social Impact Business Sector in Vietnam”. These studies are one of the pioneers and quality research of Social Enterprises and Social Impact Business in Vietnam, creating a premise and helping policymakers, researchers, communities, businesses, consumers have a specific view about this sector.

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Network of Scholars

VSES is a strong research team in Vietnam which connect scholars in the social impact business sector in the country together. Besides, this is also a channel to share information on research and training programs for researchers in this field. We also recommend young researchers to study for PhDs at foreign partner schools to develop a strong network of scholars in this field.

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