Report on the Impact of Covid-19 on Social Enterprises in Vietnam 2020

In late March 2020, the National Economics University published its first report on the impact of Covid-19 on the business sector and the economy as a whole. Many of the recommendations of this Report were quickly recognized by the Government and responded through specific support policies.
Social enterprises are considered to be the most ethical and humane business model, but it is the most vulnerable business area because of the small size of enterprises, the employees are the weak group. that's the main thing. Covid-19 could turn social workers and beneficiaries into the most affected groups without timely support.
CSIE is a center for research, training and incubation on social innovation and social entrepreneurship. We recognize the need to have a say in the Government as well as provide necessary support for the social enterprises sector.
This is an exploratory survey of social enterprises responses to Covid-19, the impact of Covid-19 on SE performance and their needs of support.

Report on the Impact of Covid-19 on social enterprises in Vietnam 2020 [ENG]Report on the Impact of Covid-19 on social enterprises in Vietnam 2020 [VIE]

Social Enterprise in Viet Nam and Ireland 2019

Within this book, you will find inspiring stories from Viet Nam and Ireland of inspiring individuals, who undertook amazing initiatives to provide positive solutions to challenges that they faced. While the contexts are very different, these social entrepreneurs and social enterprises show a common commitment to improving quality of life, especially of the disadvantaged, empowerment and sustainable development. These stories need to be celebrated and shared, which is precisely what this book achieves. We welcome this volume that is the culmination of a two-year collaboration between the National Economic University in Hanoi and Trinity College Dublin. The value of such collaborations is not only in the end result, but also in the relationships formed along the way that open up new ideas and new connections between researchers.

Social Enterprises in Vietnam and Ireland [ENG]Social Enterprises in Vietnam and Ireland [VIE]

Fostering the Growth of the Social Impact Business Sector in Viet Nam 2018

The ambitions of the 2030 Agenda demand that we work together, across sectors, to transform the world we live in and achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This is precisely why such a central and crucial role is recognised for the private sector, to work with civil society and Government, and help drive change and accelerate results. Increasingly, businesses are realizing that investing in ways that protect the environment and advance social outcomes is not just an act of philanthropy or charity but also makes good business sense. Businesses which balance a social mission with profit have a direct and lasting impact on the communities in which they operate and can create the value necessary to grow their business, whilst scaling up their social impact.

Fostering the Growth of the Social Impact Business Sector in Vietnam [ENG]Fostering the Growth of the Social Impact Business Sector in Vietnam [VIE]

Viet Nam Social Enterprise Casebook 2016

Over the past 30 years, economic reform has created opportunities for enterprises and organisations from various economic sectors to develop and contribute to economic growth, poverty alleviation, and improvement in living standards. However, alongside economic reform, a number of social and environmental issues have emerged and increased in terms of quantity and scale. This requires governments to focus on economic growth associated with sustainable development and environmental protection, ensuring equal and full access to public services for the entire population.

Vietnam Social Enterprise Casebook [ENG]Vietnam Social Enterprise Casebook [VIE]