CSIE provides location and expertise to act as an Impact Space incubating social business ventures in Vietnam, contributing to make impact /social innovation and startup a main stream of business in the country

Start & up - Behind the scene

Start & Up - Behind the Scene consists of 12 sessions with speakers who are successful startups from Vietnam and Korea (Le Hung Viet - CEO JAMJA, Pham Anh Duc - founding ViCare, Deputy General Director of Vinmec; Eddy Hong - CEO & Founder Nextrans ...). It provides valuable knowledge about the journey of building a startup: from the idea of generating ideas; transferring them into real businesses and developing enterprises. Also, the audience has the opportunity to directly interact, share and receive advice from experienced people in the startup field.

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Launched in 2018, NEUrON was the first start-up competition at National Economics University, organized by CSIE and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union at NEU. The competition is a CSIE initiative which aims to give students a useful and meaningful start-up playground. Participating in NEUrON, contestants have the opportunity to challenge their projects before experienced judges in many fields, especially in finance, business and technology. Thereby, NEUrON wishes to become a place to connect talented young people with professional investors and advisors, bringing a solid foundation to their career.

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Impact Space

Here we help to promote social enterprises, helping them reach more customers. From businesses of disabled, disadvantaged people and women like KOTO, Kym Viet, Dao's care, ... to non-profit projects like Hopebox, CSIE always tries its best to boost their development, contributing to creating values for the society.

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