CSIE develops a competent pool of trainers, teaching faculty who commit to embed social innovation and entrepreneurship into higher education in all universities Vietnam including NEU


MoSIE is the first master's program to train creative thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Vietnam. Students are focused on developing practical skills that will help them in feasible projects and can attract investment. Training program in English with senior experts and domestic and international partners. Moreover, students have the opportunity to exchange internships, visit, exchange, build an international network and receive scholarships from partner organizations. If the student career is received in domestic but most internationalized in Vietnam.

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Training program

Training courses for teachers took place twice in October and November, 2018. Each course lasted 4 days at the national economics university with the language of training is Vietnamese. At the training course, teachers will learn how to master coordination skills in training and knowledge of innovation, social entrepreneurship. The training program is completely free. For youth training, we are currently organizing a series of workshops with Nextrans. For those who participate fully all the sessions will receive a certificate issued by the CSIE. Each session, they will hear sharing from speakers as well as interact directly with them such as CEO JAMJA, CEO ViCare, ....

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Training material

In this library, there are many famous books such as “Social Entrepreneurship what everyone needs to know”, “Social Innovation blurring boundaries to reconfigure markets”, “Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Concepts in Context”, “The power of unreasonable people how social entrepreneurs create markets that change the world”, “Business Model Generation”,... Furthermore, CSIE also has country reports conducted by the centre director. Some outstanding researches of CSIE can be mentioned as the “Case Studies of Social Enterprise in Vietnam” and “Fostering the Development of Social Impact Business Sector in Vietnam”

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