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CSIE Mission

CSIE acts as ecosystem builder to make social impacts for a Vietnam of happiness

CSIE Vision

CSIE vision to become a regional hub on co-sharing, co-learning and co-creating social impacts

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CSIE People

Associate Pro. Ph.D Truong Thi Nam Thang

Associate Pro. Ph.D

  • Director of Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, National Economics UniversityDeputy Head of Business Culture Department at the Faculty of Business Management of the National Economics University (NEU)
  • Co-director of International Center of Management Research of CFVG (French-Vietnamese Center for Management Education)
  • Thang is co-founder and chairwoman of Vietnam Social Enterprise Scholars Network (VSES), she is also co-founding director PRME ASEAN + 1
  • Consultant to British Council Vietnam for developing social entrepreneurship, to Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation for promoting good corporate governance in listed companies.
  • Visiting professor of Kedge Business School teaching in Marseille and Bordeaux campuses in France
  • PhD degree from the Institute of World Economics and Politics (2009)
  • Dual MBA degree from CFVG and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand
  • Extensive corporate experiences as office director of an international software company, purchasing manager of a French lacquerware company. She performed consulting works for companies including big and small, local and international ones.
  • Areas: teaching, research and consulting include strategic management, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, social innovation and social entrepreneurship.

MBA Bui Thi Le


Bui Thi Le is currently office manager and researcher of CSIE. Le is graduated from the MBA program of the Faculty of Management, National Economics University. She won 3rd price of Student Research Award at the National Level when being student in business at National Economics University. She has been involved in various projects as research assistant to Prof. Truong Thi Nam Thang. Before joining CSIE, Le has worked as project manager at Kym Viet social enterprise – a social enterprise founded by and employed people with disabilities, won Inclusive Business Award by British Council Vietnam in 2016.

Dr. Le Viet Thuy

Team Leader

Dr. Le Viet Thuy is vice head of Academic Affair Office, National Economics University. He has a Master degree in Educational Management and a PhD in Economics from Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. His research and teaching areas are information management system, and higher education governance

MBA Dinh Anh Tuan

The SEO Expert

Tuan, a self-motivated young man with a Master of Management degree from The University of Auckland, is eager to dedicate himself to advanced economic research and ambition to participate in the blueprint of the future of the country, would like to pursue a successful management consulting career. He is working in National Economics University.

He is a social minded problem solver having experiences in managing several social business projects empowering people in needs in rural areas. Besides, he has capability in organizing activities that nurturing social entrepreneurship among young men.

He has experience worked in some big company: Property & Management Company (PMC), Viet Nam Investment and Development Consultant Company Limited (IAC Vietnam), ..And he jointed in many projects such as: NKTP GLOBAL Scholarship, Social Entrepreneurial Ideas Pitch.

Dr. Truong Anh Tuan

Front-end Developer

Dr. Truong Tuan Anh is currently studying business administration at Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and working in the Faculty of Business Management at the National Economics University. His field of study is: Project Management and Organizational Management; Marketing Service; Social entrepreneurship and social innovation. He has many years of experience in setting up and managing investment projects in real businesses.
Dr. Truong Anh Tuan actively participates in research activities related to governance and corporate governance and has published at international conferences as well as posted in prestigious scientific journal.