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The four-day experience at Global Happinovator Camp 2020 of 5 representatives from NEU makes each of us feel great values from friendship, knowledge, to endless inspiration about social innovation.
DAY 1: The first meeting
We arrived at the Wyndham Hotel on the morning of January 16, the chilly weather of Hanoi on the days of Tet seemed warmer when we received a gracious welcome from friendly and enthusiastic SUNNYs – comes from the North – Central – South and South Korea. Ms. Jihye, Mr. Ted and Korean friends representing SK gave a short introduction to SK Happiness Foundation, Underdogs and GHC, helping us to better understand activities in the following days at the camp. After that was the time when we shared our expectations with the program, this was an activity for us to better define our goals as we came here and really do our best for that purpose.
Interesting impressions started from the introduction, instead of the usual introductions, we experienced Marche with the sale of our favorite things, thereby introducing ourselves in the most special way as possible. And Ngoc Anh – one of 5 NEU representatives brought glory to the group when winning “The Most Popular Individual” in this activity.
In the afternoon program, we met and talked with three SEs: Ms. Thanh Van (To he), Ms. Vu Thao (Kilomet 109) and Ms. Hoang Thao (Go Eco Hanoi), these are three SEs created a big buzz in the social entrepreneurship village in Vietnam. Thanks to this value sharing session, we understood more about the ecosystem of impact businesses and above all be inspired by meaningful social entrepreneurship stories.
DAY 2: Knowledge, knowledge, knowledge
We are categorized into 5 subgroups according to our concerns: Traffic congestion, air pollution, ethnic minorities, food safety and disabilities. Ted Kim and Jihye – two coaches from Underdogs, have taught us how to approach, analyze and solve social problems from a business perspective, as well as practical methods to apply to out project.
This was the time when time management skill “ascends”, each team had to speed up and complete the work in a short amount of time. Think fast, speak fast, write down quickly and all debates must be fast, every second every minute must make full use of.
There were times when we are filled with new ideas, there are moments when we sink into deep thought and analysis. We learned to narrow down the scope of the problem, to consider each solution, changing the idea right before the “G hour” became a completely normal story for all 5 groups. With the efforts of each member, we have found the answers and planned for Action Day.
DAY 3: Action Day
As the name “Action Day”, we directly experienced the market research activities related to the project. With the funding of VND 7 million, we had the opportunity to reach out to target customers, groups who are having social issues to learn about their thoughts and share about the projects we are working on. Although time was not so much, it still helped us have a better insight into the problems we need to solve, from which to create specific orientations and more complete solutions.
5 hours of “real battle” outside the hotel, under the freezing cold of winter Hanoi is probably the 5 most difficult hours for us during the program. This was a time that takes a lot of effort but is also the time we are more determined than ever. We all feel that everything, every step is gradually becoming clearer right before our eyes.
DAY 4: Precious memories
The last morning of Camp – the day that brought us the best memories.
In the familiar Meeting room, we are presented with our projects in front of groups, in front of guests who are teachers from universities. Each group presented their entire project implementation process to call for investment. The atmosphere was exciting with the unique and creative ideas of the teams, we were listening, asking questions, suggestions as well as discussing with our team to make the smartest investment decision.
Prof. Truong Thi Nam Thang and the guests made a few words and complimented the creative projects of the groups this year.
And finally, the victory went to the “D-is-able”, group of NEU representatives Thu Hue and Ha My, with the platform of self-development audio books for the blind. Along with that is the most visionary investor award for the RSF group – addressing food safety and hygiene issues.
GHC ends up leaving us with a lot of emotions, we have learned valuable lessons about starting a social innovation business, about the process of teamwork and about friendship. Say goodbye to each other with tight hugs, sincere thanks and promises that will definitely meet again.
Thanks to the SK Happiness Foundation, Underdogs has brought 4 really amazing days. Thanks to CSIE for giving us the opportunity to experience this valuable journey. See you again!

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